Session disconnects on web page refresh and not generating form links

running a dev env using the testing (npm run dev) can access the login page and connect with the admin created
when i refresh the webpage it logs out, and the link to share an uploaded form (from the builder tool) doesn't generate.
does anyone know where the issue is or this is normal behaviour when running dev?
ubuntu 20vm postgresql14 node16

Hi @Ono-T1m! It sounds like you're trying to get things set up for local development.

Do you have cookies enabled in your browser? Also, are you using the development nginx config? The development config makes it possible for the frontend to use the session cookie even though localhost is not served over HTTPS. Note that the development nginx config is intended only for local development, not deploying to a server.

You need to be running Enketo to generate Web Form links. See these instructions for local development.

thanks yes this is for a local dev instance without https, i still need to access it remotely (same lan). cookies are enabled could you provide the path for the development nginx config or a file sample? i'll look into Enketo on local dev

The development nginx config is currently located at main.nginx.config in the central-frontend repository. The development config wasn't set up for the use case you describe, so you will likely need to modify it. Typically development is done either entirely locally or using our Docker infrastructure (available in the central repository). If either of those options is available to you, you may find that more convenient.

i'm facing this error in the docker version but this is for a separate build, something is wrong with my docker-compose ?