Setting a "time" type variable to "missing/not available"

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I am designing a form that includes collecting fields on date and time of admission (to a hospital). The data will be collected from medical records, and I am interested in documenting clearly when the fields of date and time are "missing" or "not available" in the medical records. I would like to have the fields as "required" but still be able to indicate if the data are "not available".
I am not aware if this feature is available?

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Some options to consider...

  • Use a select_one asking if the date is available before asking for the date. You can put both questions in a group with a field-list and make the date question relevant only if the answer to the select_one is yes.
  • Use a required select_one after the unrequired date question asking them to confirm that the data is missing if they leave the date blank.
  • Put a hint asking them to enter a likely invalid date (Jan 1, 1970) if the data is missing.

Personally, I like the first option.