Setting default for minimal search('list') appearance

I have a long list (100-200 items) I would like to keep separate from the form so that others can easily edit the list. However, when I add a select_one question using this list, I cannot seem to add a default value. I can add default when I add the choices within the xml.

Collect v 1.12.2

Attached is the xlsform and the list.csv. (9.7 KB)

Dear kristof
I think you should use an external_choices sheet in ODK form.


It looks like a bug to me...

@LN do you agree?

Thank you for your answers. I did not manage to properly use external choices, and as far as I understand it finally does the same thing as a search('list') appearance.

However, I did manage to work around this issue using the following way:
-I constructed a constant variable (for some reason simple string did not work, I used pulldata()
-I added this constant as calculate to the select_one question

It looks like this:

Summary Somelabel labels values

I did not mark this as resolved, because it might be easier for a user to add a default, but maybe this is more a feature than a bug, I don't know.

I also don't know how to mark a topic as resolved...

This can be right, but not when you are using it within a repeat group. Then, if you push the "add group" button, it recalculates all the already changed values to the default. Can anyone think of a way around this...