Setting destination of photos in Google Drive

When using Google Drive/Spreadsheets as the destination for ODK Collect, is there a way to set the destination folder in the form itself, for photos that are taken in ODK Collect? Much like you can set the submission URL for the form's post data. Right now, photos taken in ODK Collect get uploaded to the user's My Drive > Open Data Kit > Submissions folder.

Currently using ODK Collect v1.22.4, mostly on Samsung S9 phones with Android 9. Our organisation is in a Google environment.

I tried to set a Fallback submission URL, only I used the URL for a folder. Obviously that didn't work. I thought there might be a way to set a submission attribute ( for photos, similar to the one I used to set a destination Google Sheet for the form data.

I know this is the default behaviour for ODK. However, it would make management of the photos much easier if I could keep them together in the same folder as the form's Google Sheet.

Thank you!

Hi @Greg_Pommen

unfortunately, it's not possible to set the destination folder, it's always Open Data Kit/Submissions.

You can create a new topic in features describing your case and needs. Maybe we will improve it in the future.

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Hi @Grzesiek2010,
Drat! Photos on any data collecting platform seem to be the bane of my life. I thought this might be a solution. After thinking about this further though, even being able to designate a folder still doesn't get around the problem of permissions on the files in a Google Drive. The user would be the owner. I might need to write a script that copies the photos specified in the sheet to a designated location. Then the copies would be owned by the administrative account. We have a lot of temporary staff, and when they go away, if their accounts are deleted, so would the photos. So this might be an opportunity in disguise. Thank you for the quick response!