Setting instance name

One last question I have in probably a similar note, how do I set the Instance Name in these forms? I had done one in the past using ODK builder, I exported the XLS file from it, copied it over and made necessary pointer, but the file was finally saved as "---" would that also be to do with the "Instance" bit to be saved as "instance::english" ?

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S3 Block - Classroom Observation Form 1.1.2



form_title version instance_name
S3 Block - Classroom Observation Form 1.1.2 40220199 concat(/data/Date,'',/data/Cluster,'',/data/School,'_',/data/others)

Any response on this naming of instances would really really help me close in on what I am trying to get done here. Any help would be highly helpful.

if you are editing an XLSForm spreadsheet, i think you may need to adjust how you are referencing data collected during your form (i think the syntax is slightly different depending if you are within ODK Build and when authoring a survey directly in XLSForm) see the example form here and see below

|      form_title       |       form_id        |                instance_name                 |
| Generate InstanceName | instanceName_example | concat(${lname}, '-', ${fname}, '-', uuid()) |

Thanks a lot !!! You guys are the best :slight_smile: !!