Setting up relevance within a repeat group

I have another question on repeat group: I am asking the respondent to select the information sources they used, and for each there are two follow up questions on practices learned from that particular source, and the frequency of receiving information from that source. Now, I would like that if one selects 'Own experience' as a source of information (either alone or as one of the choices), then the question on frequency should not appear (i.e, i do not want to ask the respondent the frequency of receiving info. from own experience).

I will sincerely appreciate your help in setting up this relevance. I attach the sample form here.trial5th.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Thank you

Hi Mugambi,

Please try one of the following options in your relevance column for the question on frequency.

in your attached excel sheet this should be cell E9

You can either use not(selected(${infs}, '1')) or ${infs}!=1

Best, Tim

Thanks a lot @TimNjagi
I have tried, but when I select 'own experience' along with other choices e.g lead farmer (it's a select multiple question) the question doesn't appear for the other selected options as well. i.e the relevance 'disables' the question for all options selected, not just 'own experience'.

Thanks, Mugambii

I would like to try save the situation @mugambii
I think the challenge is that when the response is "Own experience" together with another option, the option on frequency applies to the other choice and therefore it must appear when own experience is selected together with another option. You can try including all the other options using 'or' so that the frequency will only be omitted when 'Own experience' is selected alone.

Hello @mugambii,

But how would the repeat know that it is repeating for which option. We have to say that to the repeat. So the relevance condition on that question should be depending on the infs_id field which says for what it is repeating . I am attaching the form for your reference I highlighted in yellow under the relevant condition which I have added. I hope this solves the problem.

Thanks and Regards,

trial5th.xlsx (12.2 KB)

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