Share by Bluetooth the eligible people in my survey

Happy New Year 2024 to everyone!
I have a new challenge,
I would like to share by Bluetooth the eligible people in my survey according to gender where women will interview women and men will interview men.
I explain after having done the household questionnaire, the one who did the cleaning shares the household file by bluetooth to the other members of his team so that the men can survey men and women alike.
how to do ?
Thanks for your help !

Are you using Collect or are you using a URL link to a web form?

Will the household already have a phone with the survey on it? Can you just have them complete a second submission on that same device?

Hello danbjoseph,
I use KoboCollect and I would like the two agents to exchange data via Bluetooth while in the household with their tablet.

I am not aware of a way to do that.
What data do you need to share? Why don't you just load both tablets with the form in advance and use a unique code for each household to link the surveys for that location?