Sharing data from Aggregate

Dear members, first of all thanks so much for your support and cooperation
I am new user, till I could, (create app engine, install aggregate, create xlsform, convert it and upload it, get it to odk collect, and could collect data with odk collect) now
how to share it with others (upper management, donor)?
do we use link, or we should share our email address or something els?

@Mansour hie,
you mean sharing collected data uploaded to the aggregate server or sharing saved forms in mobile devices?
May you try to be explicit of the problem.
Thank you.

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I mean how to share those data which are collected by our field workers, and uploaded to aggregate.

  1. To your ODk aggregate upload the form you used to collect data in the mobie devices.
  2. In the same aggregate, under site management add users and their permisions(Upload and download permsions be included), give each user passoword and user name for each device used.
  3. Set up your mobile devices odk collect, give the user setings you created in the users.
  4. You will be able to upload forms.

Typically organizations export or publish their data to perform analysis, produce reports and share results. You can read more about those options at

Additionally, you could add new Aggregate users like @william1 describes to give them direct access to the raw data and the Aggregate-based analysis.