Sharing of ODK data

dear colleagues! good afternoon
my forms prepared and could send data to ODK platform, now, can we share this data online with donor, or we should first change it to cvs, and then we should share, if so, we can not share our daily work progress, mean, we should share our data at the end of our project (task), so, can we share our data read only online with others to follow daily work progress?
thanks in advance

Hello Mansour,
do you think the donor wants daily update? You should be able to create sub-profiles, with viewing rights only, if you want to share progress. But you should be careful to give full access, as people then can also delete your data. If your donor requires daily updates, an email with totals may be sufficient?

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Dear Mansour,

I would highly recommend sharing CSVs over providing server access, just from the perspective of preventing any accidental data problems. It is also much easier for donors to work with CSVs than an interface like ODK aggregate.

If you have personally identifiable information (PII) in the data, downloading CSVs also allows you to scrub the PII before sharing with donors, which is good for data security as well.