Sharing updates on transition status and current processes

@yanokwa could we make the status and process described here more clear from the ODK website landing page? I think there's a lot of really useful information in your reply and as @nicolopez mentioned, it's currently hard to find. I think making it easy to find and to evolve as things change would be very positive.

Just to clarify that you are suggesting an "ODK transition" status page? However, there are things here that are basically at the "feature" level and at the governance level. For the feature level there will hopefully be a roadmap by each technical steering commitee that layout where contribution should happen. With "governance" transition we could do something similar on what are the current areas being worked on under discussion.

I think this is a good idea and can help make it happen, I just want to make sure I understand what is being suggested.

I think both governance-level and feature-level information is important!

At the feature level, while I agree that having public roadmaps is a high priority, that can't happen until the various committees are formed. Making the process clear for organizations like @nicolopez's in the mean time as described in @yanokwa's answer would be great. Having a rough timeline for the committee formation would also be fantastic as part of this communication effort.

(PS: I've split this thread out into the Governance category because it seems really important and like a deviation from the original ask)

Here's what I propose.

I will start a new pinned topic on the Goverance category called Transition Status.

It will have much of what was described at How can we contribute developing new features? but with less focus on Aggregate and will be reviewed by the project leadership before it goes live.

Project leadership can publish updates on the transition on that thread and the community can subscribe to it to get updates (including summary of meetings). We'll also try to summarize these updates when we do Announcements.

I will also write a blog post on the ODK website that links to that page and tweet out that link. I will also update the Participate page on the ODK website to have a pointer to the thread.

If that sounds reasonable, please like this post. If it's not reasonable, please suggest some alternatives!

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