Show different value based on total score

hello @Grzesiek2010

would like to inquire on how to achive if...else statement scenario to switch between results depending on the total score of a form

Forexample from the screens hot above i want to be ale to change the category depending on the total score , as you see the category is not changing even after the total score value increases ..
Am using this if....else expression in my form
if((${score} > 1 or ${score} < 15), 'Limitted','', if((${score} > 16 or ${score} < 40), 'Supportive','', if((${score} > 40), 'Comprehensive','')))
How can i make it to change dynamically depending on the total score value ranges in the expression ?

Hi Cliff,

It looks like your text is changing but you have used "OR" when you needed to use "AND". Please try the below (untested) calculation.

if(${score} <= 15, 'Limited', if(${score} > 15 and ${score} =< 40, 'Supportive','Comprehensive'))

Please note that I changed some other aspects of the calculation in order to avoid missing results for any scores of exactly 15 or 16 or any possible decimals between them so it's best to copy the whole calculation.


thanks @noel for the pointer ,,,,works fine now