Show value of or_other in selection

I have a select_multiple having a list of options. I added a or_other in the type column such that the user can type a specify option. The maximum number of items required to be selected is set to 3.
These selected options are then passed to the next question where am using a choice_filter to get them and load them to a select_one such that i can perform a simple ranking.

The problem is when the Other option is selected on top of the two other options, the latter are displayed in the select_one options but the user specified other option is not.

So how can i pass the specified Other value on top of the checked ones?

Any help is appreciated.


I would like to help but I don't quite understand. What do you expect after selecting other option? Another let's say text question to type any value? And then select_one?
Please explain. It's also always easier if users attach sample forms to their questions.

That's exactly what i want. Here are the screen shots.