Showing ODK Collect form with projector

good morning every one,
my odk project was ready to use, now I want to introduce it to our colleagues, is there any way to explaine my odk forms with projector (filling and explaining forms via computer, submitting data.....)?

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Hi @Mansour,

If you need to explain your form in Arabic please have a look at
There are a few other videos of interest in youtube such as
Good luck

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thank you for sharing your information, but I want to fill a form by computer which will be connected to projector, and the colleagues will learn how to use a form.

You can use an emulator to basically run a fake Android device from your computer. The easiest is probably Genymotion which currently has a free option for personal use. You can pick an Android version and device form factor that matches your physical device, install GApps from the button in the upper right-hand corner and then get Collect from the Play Store. Another option if you don't want to use GApps/Play Store is to use the browser to go to, download the APK for the Collect version you want and then click to install it. You can then use it exactly as you do on a physical device.

If you have a Chromecast, you can also project from your device using instructions here.


I haven't done it but I know there are ways to mirror an Android screen to a computer screen. Then you can project the computer display. Search online with something like "mirror android screen on pc" and links like 1 and 2 might help (but again, neither something that I have tried). Please let us know if you find something that works well.


Genymotion is a lot easier to deal with, but you can also use the Android emulator via the SDK Platform Tools if you are a bit more technical. has a rough guide.


You can also use vysor Chrome addin to control Android from your laptop:


I suggest what Yaw suggest

Genymotion is the best because it's easy to use
and don't have an additional requirement like SDK.

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You can go on this link. And upload your form, You can easily use this on projector. Thanks .....

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Agree. Consider screensharing using the Android EZCast app to project one Android screen on another Android, PC, or Mac also running EZCast. Can also show on HDMI TV with a screen-sharing dongle such as one compatible with EZCast.

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When I was training folks on how to fill a form I connected the projector my computer, the tablet to my computer with USB and used Vysor in Chrome. It was very easy to use and (once set up) did not require an internet connection or anything.


I've also used Vysor for this several times.
Note that they now also have a Windows install - you don't have to use the Chrome app/plugin.
Find it on the Vysor Downloads page.

The free version does have adverts that popup from time to time, but otherwise works really well


Screen mirroring to PC will be of much help. You can use Vysor or Airdroid (Airdroid will be a better option). You can check to connect your device to any PC. All the solutions work. Hope it will help :slight_smile: