Simple Json Publisher Stop Publishing Suddenly

Somehow Simple Json Publisher stop publishing. Last Updated 24.01.2019. Whereas more submission after the last publish datetime.

I am using ODK Aggregate version is v1.6.0.

I am set Z-ALPHA JSON Server publisher on 2019-01-12 01:07:23.000000000. Till Date this is working, but somehow its not published from yesterday. Last Publish DateTime 2019-01-24 12:14:59.000000000. After the no submission get published. What is the issue behind this?

Any Clue regarding this issue, its very urgent

Thanks in advance


I think the issue occured when fill up data in ODK Collect but not sent to Aggregate in same day, when sent data to Aggregate in next day, In between that some data filled up and published, then publisher not working.


  1. Yesterday i am started filling the form and save this without sending
  2. Today i fill the form and sending to the Aggregate
  3. Then i complete the previously filled form and sending to the aggregate.

Then issue occured, Simple json publisher stop publishing.

If we delete and recreate the publisher again then it was working perfectly as expected.

Do you get any error messages about quota? Do your logs on Google App Engine provide any hints?

I am just started to fill up with data. maximum 10 forms are submitted. So i think quota exit is not possible and i am not using Google App Engine.

No Quota related message received, i am also checked the log file as well.

I'm sending you log file where my aggregate was hosted ASAP.

Hi Yanokwa,

Any Update?

I can't help if you don't send me a log.

here is log file, pleas Update me ASAP.

I have another issue how i allow more than 255 characters in only one field?

localhost_access_log.2019-01-25.txt (264.9 KB)

5day passed after sending my log, still no reply.

Hi @Soubhik_Basu

Please note that the forum users voluntarily provide their time and knowledge. Please be patient with them. When they do find the time they will go through the log and provide feedback.

We can take the burden from the developers by also helping with answering questions on the forum, that way we can free them up to work on the code and respond to issues that are beyond normal users.

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Hi, @Soubhik_Basu!

The log file we're looking for is catalina.out. Could you attach that one, please?

Also, this document explains how to increase the size of fields: