Simprints Integration


I have come across very useful articles on how to integrate Simprints on xls form to collect biometric data. However, in order for the Simprints Id application to work i need to get an API key f. Unfortunately, I have contacted Simprints severally but i never receive a response.

  1. Has anyone managed to successfully integrate Simprints? How did you manage to get the API key? maybe am using the wrong channel in requesting the key.

  2. Is there an alternative way of collecting biometric data other than Simprints ?

Thank you

hi @kimanikihiu,

maybe it could be helpful for you to look at the following url

and specifically at

Hi @kimanikihiu and @aurdipas.

Have you been able to get the SIMPrints fingerprint scanner?

I'm trying to contact them but I do not get any answer...


Hi Max,

I managed to contact them via twitter. Unfortunately the library is not opensource. They need to vet your project before they provide you with the ID.