Skip function not working

The skip function ive put into my xlsform seems okay and am able to validate it, but then when i use it in the odk, its not responding right, it skips the follow up question even when its supposed to bring it up. ive tried writing the revelant formula in the various ways you can do it but still getting the same results
please help me with this one.
odkpp.xlsx (11.1 KB)

Hello Bryt,

I had check your Excel file and I highlighted that changes I had made in the relevant. You had written as selected(${femur_fracture},'yes ') instead of selected(${femur_fracture},'1'), as 1 is yes and 2 is No in the choice.

Same for the ${pelvic_fracture}='yes' should be replaced by ${pelvic_fracture}='1'.

I hope its works for you.

odkpp.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Dinesh Dongol

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Thanks for the help Dango, it is now working perfectly!!!!