Skip group using relevant based on cascade response

H, I am trying to develop a tool using an xlsform to have certain questions appear/be skipped based on a cascade response to an earlier question. In essence I want the grouped question to appear if the cascade response selected was Tanzania.
I have already grouped the set of questions which is the first step. I have typed out my code like this selected(${selected_country}, 'Tanzania') but it is not working well and need help to identify where I am going wrong.
Recognition_ Scorecard.xlsx (150.6 KB)

Anyone able to assist troubleshoot where I might be missing it?

Hi @Makena
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I think in row 20 you need to use selected(${selected_country_Country}, 'tanzania') not selected(${selected_country}, 'Tanzania') because that's how it's represented in XML form after converting.

But to be honest it's my first time I see that cascading_select question type. In our docs cascading selects are represented by separate select questions
where did you come across documentation for that cascading_select? I found this topic Cascading Select conflicting - #6 by A.N.M_AL-IMRAN and it was also a mistery.

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