Skip logic in groups

Hello I am new to the ODK language. I tried to develop an XLS form using so many online resources and I improved a lot, nonetheless, when I uploaded the form to KoBotoolbox, it seemed that all of the skip logic are not working. I think it might be something related to groupings of my questions but I am not sure. I cannot upload my form in this message because I am a new user so I copy pasted a mini-illustration of my form. I would greatly appreciate if anyone may help me fix the problem because I am tight on time and can't figure out the solution.. Thanks!

|begin group|consent_en|Consent to participate english|
|note|cnst_1|consent form|
|note|cnst_2|consent form|
|end group|||
|select_one yesno|consent|Would you like to continue?|
|begin group|survey|| ${consent}='1' (Here one means 'Yes')
|note|Section1 |General Information|
|select_one malefemale|G1|What is your sex?|
|integer|G2|How old are you?|
|begin group|nationality||
|select_one nationality|G3|What is your nationality?|
|text|G3_other|please specify:| ${G3}='3' (Here 3 means 'other nationity'
|end group|||
|select_one university|G4|Which university are you currently enrolled in?|
|text|G5|What is your major of study?|
|end group|||
|note |end_note|Thank you for your time|

Hi @sma,
I hope we can help you! First off, it might be easiest if you can upload your xlsform. Here's a quick screenshot of how to do it. When you press "Reply" to this message, then just click on the "upload" button along the top of the text entry box. Looks like this:

Then a popup box will appear that looks like this:

Click on "Choose files" and then Upload.

Hope that helps!

Hello @janna , Thank you so much for your reply. I followed the steps but I still cannot upload. The system gives me a notification that I cannot upload since I am "a new user" here. Anyways, the problem was solved, it was very silly. On my XLS form the title of the skip logic form was "relevance", when I changed it into "relevant", it all worked beautifully!

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