Skip logic on select_multiple when >1 answer is selected

Hi all,

I'm working on a survey which includes several select_multiple questions. For most of these questions the answer category 'other' is included in the choices list. If 'other' is selected, I'd like to pose a follow-up question where the respondent can explain 'other' in text. This works perfectly when only 'other' is selected. If 'other' is selected and some other answer as well, the text-question does not appear.

See image below for my code:

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hola Meeske

Puedes dejar en un grupo las preguntas Q6 hasta la Q6_2 y seguido el cajĆ³n de texto para que este se active si se selecciono la opciĆ³n "otro" en Q6_2, de esta manera funciona, te adjunto un excel con el caso.
Disculpa pero no domino el ingles por esto te contesto en espaƱol.

Saludos,ejemplo.xlsx (12.8 KB)

Thank you very much! The issue is solved now! :slight_smile:
I used your suggestion of writing selected(${Q6_2}, '77') instead of ${Q6_2} = '77'.

Hola @Meeske

Un placer aportar un granito de arena a tu soluciĆ³n, Ć©xitos.

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