Skipped Questions not tallying up

Hello Team,

Could someone help me calculate the three entries a + b + c as shown in my xlsx sheet. Assume there are 'No' other contributors. (Put No in the radio button). The calculation is giving a NAN; your help will really be appreciated.


Skiped_question.xlsx (18.3 KB)

Hi @Orwa,
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I think it might just be an error in your formula.
Try this:
Where your formula says:
(${husband_contribution}) + (${wife_contribution}) + (${other_contributors_other})

Put this instead:
(${husband_cont}) + (${wife_cont}) + (${other_cont})

Does that work?


Hello @Orwa, I send the .xlsx form (solved), and a link with the how work.
Temporal Link:
Skiped_question.xlsx (18.1 KB)


Thanks a lot!!! This is brilliant. It worked. I had done so much in a worksheet i was developing. This was my only error.

Thank you Janna!

Putting a 'No' in part 'c' gave me a 'NAN'. But i pulled some new tricks from your response.

Thank you so much Famador.

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Cool @Orwa .

@Orwa - fantastic!! Best of luck with your form!