Skipping fields in a form

I want a "Skip" button so they can move on, but I cannot find that anywhere I have looked.

Please provide more details to this :point_up:if you need help. What do you actually want to get help for?

  1. Are you buiding a form and you do not know how to add a "skip feature"?
  2. Or you deployed your forms and the "skip feature" is not working as you want?
  3. Or you are yet to start but you don't know how to begin?
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I am yet to start. Thanks for the reply.

Peter A. Tower
Uttarakhand Coordinator for:
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Hi Peter,

You are just few steps away.

To use ODK, you need to do three things -- design a form, setup a server, and connect the device to that server. Once those three things are done, you'll be ready to start data collection.

You'll need three tools:

Build or XLSForm -- to design your survey form.
Collect -- running on an Android device to download and fill-in the survey.
Aggregate -- for hosting the survey form and gathering the survey results. Alternatively, Briefcase can be used to gather the survey results (but you'll need to manually place the survey form onto the Android device).

Click here to learn more and find relevant links to tools.

Hi Peter:
Collect users can Skip any question by just swiping past it, providing that the question binding doesn't have 'required="true". There's no need for a Skip button, just leave the question not Required and train users to swipe onwards.