Smap + Power BI Connnect ERROR

I'm trying to connect my data collected on the smap server with power BI, but when I get the OData link and log in to Power BI it shows me the following error.


How could I fix it?

Smap Server isn't under the ODK community's care. Your best bet for help is to email

Thanks Yaw,

Hi Jehaann. As Yaw stated Smap is not part of the ODK forum. We have a separate forum at If you have a question about the XLSForm editor then you are usually pretty safe in asking that here. (Although very occasionally it may be a Smap specific issue). However with issues that are more software related then definitely contact us first.

The odata interface has not been officially released (ie no announcements or documentation). As you have noticed it is in the application however unfortunately I have not worked on it for a few months and it is definitely not ready for production use.

People who want to connect Smap to PowerBI generally use the json API. {server}/api/v1/data. You can look at that.

Alternatively if you are set on Odata then I would be happy to work with you to finalise the functionality. Contact me on to discuss the problem you are facing.