Software Developer Position at eHealth Africa

Dear All,

We are hiring again. We are looking for a software developer to assist in
the below:

eHealth Africa has developed a platform for public health information
systems that is being used at UNICEF and now the US CDC. The new developer
will work on the general development of the platform and also develop
software for android apps, our SMS gateway, and Ubuntu desktop apps. Our
tools are currently in use in Nigeria, Cameroon, Mauritana, Angola and soon
more of West/Central Africa. eHealth Africa is seeking a software developer
with an interest in international work and public health. The developer
will lead development projects as well as work on collaborative projects.
Systems that the developer will work on are:

ยทยทยท -

A web-based platform for managing vaccine logistics and reports on
temperature while in transit

SMS and Voice-based notifications systems for public health messaging

eLearning tools such as classes designed for low-literate health workers
that can be run on mobile phones and synchronized remotely

A system which can collect information such as GIS data on areas with
high polio incidence

Additional systems that need to be developed for clients on an
individual basis

Salary Range (DOE): $4000-$6000 monthly

Benefits: Housing, Health Insurance, Transport, up to 18 days paid leave
every 6 months, 2 round trip tickets every year.

Location: Kano, Nigeria and Internationally

Contract Term: 1 year (with option to work remotely up to 3 months/year)

Please Apply Online

We appreciate if you can forward this to qualified candidates.



Evelyn Castle
Director, eHealth Systems Africa
25 Race Course Road, Kano, Ng
mobile: (NG) 0809-515-0585
(US) 714-627-9289