Solidarités International seeks Data Intelligence Manager for Lebanon

Position description

Under the supervision of the IM Coordinator, keeping in mind high level of data protection concerns, tool’s sustainability requirements and project’s affinities with open-source software, the IM Data Intelligence Manager supports the complete development cycle of the Business Intelligence SOLIS strategy and deployment.

For both SOLIS project and the mission, s/he identifies dashboard and reporting needs and implements validated strategies and tools. (S)He works in collaboration with colleagues to improve mission’s capacity of developing tools for decision making (GIS, BI,...). S/He develops an external network of stakeholders to exchange relevant data to extend mission’s data intelligence capacities.

Connection to ODK

The project is the internally developed SI Lebanon’s Information Management System. Currently it is developed within the Laravel/Eloquent PHP framework. It also relies on PostrGre SQL DBMS on local servers with live synchronizations. System is planned to be linked through API to ODK Central, Link, SAGA and BI software such as any PowerBI and any Open Source alternative

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