Solution for data collection with iOS9


I don't know if I'll get the answers I need but I'll be as specific as possible.
In fact, I have several iPad minis with me which run on iOS9. I can't upgrade them to newer versions anymore. We run a small NGO, and the issue with NGOs is that we depend on funds and donations to run. These iPad were donated. I started with this story to make it clear that we do not have the means to buy newer iPads (sad).

I've been developing monitoring forms on Kobo Toolbox. And after looking for solutions, I found GIC Collect for iOS. Tried it on my iPhone 6 plus and worked great but I didn't realize that the app won't be running on iOS 9. My iPhone is on iOS 12.
So now I've been looking for any other way to use my iPads for the data collection tasks. Thus my question: who could explain to me, with detail if possible, on a way I could use my iPad with iOS9 to collect data from forms I developed on Kobo Toolbox?

Thanks already for any help.

Hello @kevinmiranto,

Welcome to the ODK forum! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here.

Since this forum is exclusively for ODK, I would recommend consulting members of Kobo Toolbox community members, as you are working with KoBo form and GIC Collect is not directly related to ODK.

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