Some feedback on the last-saved feature

This is great. Some feedback on the last-saved feature is that Red Cross Red Crescent folks imagine using it for: stock management, enumerator's name, place names, combine with the calculation type it may be a good way to have an ID counter.

From the docs, they don't feel it's immediately clear if it can be used for only text type questions or other questions types as well.

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It can be used for anything; ultimately (in XForms) everything gets saved as XML 'text' [except images]... But, as you suggest, perhaps adding a numeric example to the online documentation would be useful.

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Thanks for that feedback, @danbjoseph! This pyxform release unmasked a regression in Collect that resulted in an error being shown when downloading forms with last-saved (Error dialog when downloading form with last-saved) this has now been fixed and released in v1.25.2 so the feature should be ready for use.

All of those uses sound great. I've proposed some additions to the documentation based on your feedback at