Some geopoint values go to the worksheet and others fail

could you tell me why some geopoint values ​​go to the worksheet and others fail?
considering that the form is the same and the geopoint is in metadata format where the user does not see?
Is it because you fill out the form too quickly? but there are more than 7 questions I think it's hard not to get the geo in that time..
What do you think? can you help me ?

Hi @BrunoAngelo
Could you attach your form so that we can take a quick look if everything is fine?
What server are you using?

Yes sure...
I'm using googledrive

Novo Cadastro - Araraquara.xml (177.9 KB)

in this form that I uploaded, it contains 2 geopoints, one manual (take it by clicking with the button) and another automatic (in the form of metadata)

there are many other problems.
the biggest thing I'm facing now, besides this is that in the worksheet inform the original name of the photo (the one on google drive)
by doing this i can automatically download all the thousands of photos imported and linked with the data line