Some photos are being resized to thumbnail in ODK Collect prior to/during submission

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
For some reason, 6 of 8 of the photos in a submission are only 90 x 120 when the resolution should be 1536 x 2048. I did have a java heap space issue on the server during upload, however these images are the size that are stored on the device also. The user did not notice anything strange when he was taking the pictures. Is there a possibility that the server issue caused the images to be resized on the device? I understood this was a 1 way communication. However it appears the images were chosen vs a photo being taken.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
ODK Collect 1.11.1
Android 5.1
Juniper System Mesa 2

ODK Aggregate 1.4.15
Ubuntu 16.04
What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?
I have not been able to reproduce the issue, I have tried everything that I can think of.

What you have you tried to fix the problem?
I have increased the heap size of the JVM. but I am not sure this is the problem because the issue exists on the device.

Anything else we should know or have? If you have a test form or screenshots or logs, attach here.
The form is quite large, but my company prefers that it stays private, however I don't believe that the form is the issue since other submissions work just fine and have worked just fine since. I can't access the logs on the android that I know of since I don't have/want root access on the device. The source files are the ones being resized that are stored in the instance folder on the device.

Question, if the upload is taking a long time would ODK Collect resize the images?

Hi @John_Ellis! This isn't a server problem. My guess is that the user took the picture with the camera, then instead of using that picture, they used the Choose button to choose the picture (or used another camera app) and somehow chose the thumbnail. I'd start trying to replicate that.

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Finally, when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I ask because not many people are using Mesas, so you must have a pretty cool project...