Some questions that show when not supposed to in a repeat group

Hello Dear.
I have a survey with a repeat group (people) in which there's some questions depending on another to appear (name: D8R in line 27) but once anyone answer positively on that one the questions related (names: D8Rxc / D8Rxf / D8Rax in lines 28 / 29 / 30) appear for everybody else in the next repetitions even if they answer different that the one that triggered the relevancy (D8R). My english is not excellent so I excuse myself beforehand If not being understood clearly

Attached my xls format survey
Relevamiento_Prototipo_2018_v16S_Beta4.xls (64.5 KB)

Hi @eldoc

what ODK Collect version do you use?

I tried to reproduce your issue and even edited your form (removing questions that are not important for easier testing) Relevamiento_Prototipo_2018_v16S_Beta4.xls (25.5 KB)

but everything loos fine for me.

Hi Grzegorz.
I've been using version v1.18.0, today updated to v1.18.2 and the problem is still appearing at least in my device (Android 4.4.2) gonna ask some friends to try this right now since on December 15 the survey must be deployed on the field. Maybe I haven't explained the issue correctly. When one answers "1" on "D8R" then all the people that is surveyed on (In that house, of course) is given the D8Rxc, D8Rxf and D8Rax questions no matter what they answer to "D8", "D81" or "D82". Many thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Ohh I think I got it all of them are visible because all of them depend on D8R (in all value in relevant column is ${D8R} = "1")

so what else do you expect?

I had understood that this doesn't happen in a repeat group. Actually in the question "D8Dx", related to "D8D", if someone answers "1" it doesn't affect the questions to the rest of the family and they should if it works the same as "D8R" Do I make myself clear?
I'm very novice in this, sorry if I'm asking something too basic, actually this is what I need to know how to solve.
Thanks again Grzegorz

Sorry but I still don't get it. Please provide a better explanation and even a sample.

Hello Grzegorz. Other questions in the survey even in repeat groups don't have this problem, if you could see on line 31, question "D8D", related to line 24, question "D8" the issue doesn't occur. If someone answers "Rural" ("1") others in the group should be presented with the related questions "D8Dx", "D8Dxf" and "D8Dxc", and this doesn't happen.
Even more, the issue with line 27 and the ones related DOES NOT occur in the ONLINE WEB VERSION, only in the android app. So something is not fine here. Hope you can understand it. We need some help with this in a hurry. Thanks for you time

My understanding is as follows:
in question:
D8R ¿Qué tipo de agricultura hacen? if answer is:
(1) Agricultura con uso de agrotóxicos questions:
D8Rxc and D8Rxf and D8Rax should be visible otherwise if the answer is
(0) Agricultura sin uso de agrotóxicos
they shouldn't be visible.

am I correct? That's what I can read in the xls form as well and it works well for me.
Am not sure if I understand but you said that it works well in the first repetition but in next the problem is that all questions are visible everytime?

I think you are understanding quite well. The problem only shows with ODK Collect on Android. Regardless the number of repetitions IF D8R is answered "1" then all following repetitions shows D8Rxf and the other two everytime. What have me puzzled is that this DOESN'T happen with D8D (on line 31) wich has exactly the same structure.

So let's say in the first repetition I select '1' in D8R then D8Rxc and D8Rxf and D8Rax are visible what's ok but in next groups, they are visible as well no matter what I select in `D8R am I correct?
Do you notice the same behavior every time or maybe it works randomly?

Exactly, it happens like that, only with that question and I have never seen it work correctly (neither my friends). Notice it works allright with Enketo, online.

Could this be some kind of bug in ODK Collect?

Hello? No news at all?