Some surveys did not transfer to Agregate

I use ODK Collect on multiple devices and OKD Aggregate. A few days ago we found a mistake in the form we were using, it was just a small thing regarding a constraint, I deleted the form from Aggregate and downloaded the revised one with the same name thinking that if my interviewers upload filled forms before I put a new version on their tablet that Aggregate will recognise it and collect the data. It turns out, it does not seem to. A few surveys were uploaded but never appeared on Aggregate.

These surveys are still in the "sent forms" and "saved forms" on the tablets but they are encrypted (I use ODK Briefcase to decrypt), I don't know how open them or upload them again.

Is there a way I can get the data?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi @rosanne

From the Main Menu, go to Send Finalized Forms,you will see three vertical dots (Menu), tap the menu, you will see General Settings and Change
View. Tap Change View, you will see Show Sent and Unsent Forms. Tap show sent, you will see the sent submissions, if there is. Provided the form id is the same, i think you can resubmit them

Next time dont delete the form, you can design the form in the way it accept updates for small changes that are necessary

See the info below on making changes to existing form

Certain changes which don't involve adding or removing a question can be made without needing to replace the existing forms. The kind of changes are:

Changing the text or translation of a label
Changing validations, calculations, relevants
Changing options for a select_one or select_multiple
Changing the order of questions
Adding translations
Updating media including CSVs for your form"

See more here


Thank you so much Dickson! You made my day!!!