Start-geopoint forced the form to take geopoint

hello community is it possible to oblige odk collection to send the form only when the start-geopoint field is not empty?

Perhaps it would make sense to set the start-geopoint question as Required?

That way the enumerator can't (easily) get past the question without using the geopoint (if you have the placement-map appearance then at least the enumerator can manually select location if they have no GPS signal and you will know that they did this because the accuracy field will be 0)

And you could use a validation to check that the question is not empty - so I think the response would not pass validation and couldn't be sent.

Hope this is what you were looking for...

Because start-geopoint is a hidden field, you unfortunately can't use required directly on it. One thing you could do is have a note field with a required condition involving the start-geopoint value.

Let's say you capture background location in location. Your note can have a constraint of ${location} != '', a relevant of ${location} = '' and yes in the required column. That way, if the location field's value is blank, the note will be shown and can't be skipped.

Note that start-geopoint tries for 20s so if you ask this question at the very start, the location may still be blank but later get a value. If you want to be sure that you capture a location, it's probably safest to use the geopoint question type that explicitly involves the user and put a required constraint on that.

I tried to make the question mandatory but it doesn't work

Ok ok I'll try this as soon as possible and give you feedback. otherwise I think this is the solution​:+1:t6::+1:t6:

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Apologies - I was using this as my scenario, meaning a geopoint widget rather than the "special" start-geopoint hidden question. I've never used that because if I want an enumerator's location I ask for it...

Sorry for the confusion

Note to self... Read The Question carefully before blundering in!


I tried it today and it works as I want thank you very much

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