Step by step ODK Central installation on Windows 10

@yanokwa, I have seen so many contributions coming from you. Kindly assist me with a step by step ODK Central Server installation on Windows 10 Desktop. I am very very very new to ODK Central, I have installed Docker on win 10 and its up and running what next? has our step-by-step install documentation. Start there and when you get stuck, report back.

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@yanokwa, I have downloaded Docker and installed it on my windows 10 pro 64 bit, what next?

I have seen installations under ubuntu... U install Docker, then Docker-compose, then Central, all these involve a lot of comands, I wanted something rather straight forward and I came accross Docker for win 10 desktop, what next? I cant see where it is written where to download ODK Central and install it on Win 10, Docker-compose on win 10 things like that??? Please help...
Infact, I read somewhere where it says if you have installed Docker for win Desktop, then u have Docker-compose there already running... Now my question is the next steps after I have installed Docker and its up and running! How Do I install ODK Central? How do I proceed from there?

Unfortunately, Docker on Windows isn’t going to be straightforward. If you want straightforward, try our cloud hosting.

Ubuntu is our target platform for self-hosting Central. Perhaps try an Ubuntu VM on Windows? Or try the suggestions at ODK Central Build Error.

If someone from the community has Central working natively on Windows and can share, we are glad to add those steps to the documentation.