Stop more answers if "none" or "i don't know" selected

Help please! i have similar case, but i have a lot of selection that i want to disable if ('None' or 'i Don't know') were selected?

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In a multi select question, you can specify a combination of answers that is not allowed- if option "none" is selected, the respondent will not be permitted to select any other answer options . In contrast, if "none" is not selected as one of the answer options, the respondent can select any other answer choices. You can add the constraint for additional options. You should adjust the values (here "none" and "dk") to match your survey.

if(selected(., 'none'), count-selected(.) = 1, count-selected(.))  
and (if(selected(., 'dk'), count-selected(.) = 1, count-selected(.)))

constrain_if_dont_know.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Just a note that using a choice_filter you can almost do this - remove the other select_multiple options when one option (such as none) is selected. It works in Enketo, but doesn;t really work in Collect because that would need the page to refresh whihc it doesn't do until the screen advances
Select_None_test.xlsx (10.7 KB)