Stopping Central - Docker compose not working


I am running out of disk space on a Central 1.5.3 installation. I am attempting to stop ODK central by the command 'docker-compose stop', so that I could perform disk expansion. However, since my disk is full, I am getting the error:

INTERNAL ERROR: cannot create temporary directory!

I looked for solutions, and certain solutions are asking me to run commands to clear docker extra images. As I don't want to lose the data on the server, can someone please mention which commands can be run safely for docker image cleaning which would not threaten the data wipe out?

Or any other way to make some disk space on the server (so that docker could be stopped) would also be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Solution: I deleted some heavy files from log directory, to create a space of around 400MB. Then the STOP DOCKER command worked fine. Note that my disk was absolutely full (not even a single KB free), so logs file can safely be deleted in such emergencies.


One reason I like adding swap to my servers is that it gives you an easy thing to delete if your disk monitoring fails and you need to quickly gain disk space to bring a server back online.