Streaming completed submissions from ODK Aggregate to mobile devices over local wifi network, no internet

I am trying to get completed forms to be accessible on mobile devices so that submitters would know an area has already been surveyed, and so they may update existing records or verify what they find.

I am using ODK Aggregate VM 1.5 on a local wifi network and GeoODK on androids.

I have looked at QGIS plugins like QRealTime and QgisODK and these address my problem, but would require the use of QField to make a layer that could be hosted back on to the device. I am looking for somewhat of a more automated solution if it exists. Ideally when submitters reconnect to the wifi, that has no internet, their devices would be updated with what other people have surveyed.

GeoODK is an old fork of ODK Collect and questions about extending it are best posted on

That said, there's no easy way to do what you describe in ODK 1 (includes Aggregate and Collect) without writing a fair bit of code. If you are technical and are comfortable with more complex tools, ODK 2 might be a good place to start looking to implement your idea.