Styling choice labels?

How can we do this for the labels from the choice list? The above solution did nothing to the display of choices

eg: Tiger (Panthera tigris) or even Tiger (Panthera tigris) simply shows as Tiger (Panthera tigris) and not as Tiger (Panthera tigris)

(I am using ODK collect 4.2 version)

Is there a reason you are not using the latest version of Collect - v2023.2.4?

Styling should work on choices - although just in Collect, not in Enketo.

| list name | name |                    label                    |
| options   | a    | is this _italic_ text?                      |
| options   | b    | is this **bold** text?                      |
| options   | c    | is this <span style="color:red">red</span>? |

I have tried all the variations of italics as mentioned, yet continue to face the same issue.

I am using the older version to keep using Google sheets

Unfortunately, if that's the case then I am guessing it is a bug in the outdated version of Collect.