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I am trying to do a survey on which am using ODK. I have finished designing my excel file which is validating to xml and loaded in the aggregate. Unfortunately, when uploaded on the phone, i can not see the sub counties which are the study sites,
I think the problem is on the constraints in the survey sheet which i
have failed to get right. In summary it is zone, district, constituency and sub county. In the zones their districts which have the constituencies which have the sub counties. Please help me to rouble shoot.

Hi @Christopher_MUKASA,

Are you doing a cascade select for selecting sub-counties? This is what I generally use when selecting sub-locations of districts, etc.

If so, please see this example for cascade select, which I've set up with "zones", "districts", "constituencies", and "subcounties" for you. All you need to do is then replace the correct names of the zones, districts, etc, in the "choices" tab, and this should work for you.

example_cascadeselect.xlsx (17.2 KB)

If you run into any more problems, or if this is NOT what you were trying to do, please let me know and we can keep figuring out the solution!

Have a great day!

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Hello Janna,
Thank you very much for your response with the example. I have tried with what I have but it has failed to display on the Android platform (ODK on my Tab). Please see attached if there mistakes am making especially in the filter instruction on the survey sheet. Please I need a email where I can send you this file am using to help me trouble shoot. I have failed to upload it on the forum because I am a new user. Mine is

Awaiting to hear from you

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Now that you have a couple of forum posts you should be able to upload your form. You can also upload it to a service such as gdrive or Dropbox and link to it from here.

Its still not attaching. That new users are not allowed to attach.Please I need the emails to help me here.