subgroups with multiple choice answers.

Hello everyone. I'm new to using odk and I want to make subgroups with multiple choice answers. For example :
1-Lack of information
1-1 ignore
1-2 forgotten
2-Lack of motivation
2-1 to postpone
2-2 don't trust
I'm crashing and I would like some help please

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If the first question is a select_one then you can use a choice filter on the second question.
You could also create a question for each set of sub answers and then use the relevant to show or hide as needed. You can see examples of both in filter_options.xlsx (10.2 KB) and you can use to test it. There's more information about XLSForm at and

Thank you @danbjoseph,
for reacting so quickly to my post. I appreciate the solution but I would like the main reason and the subreasons to appear together so that he can make his choice

What survey logic do you want included?
That is - is it just a list of options... or do you want to show/hide or otherwise restrict how the user can select answers?

thanks, I want to display all answer options on the same page with this layout:
1-Lack of information
- ignore
- forgotten
2-Lack of motivation

  • to postpone
  • don't trust

Can you put the two questions in a group, and then use the group appearance field-list to have them display on the same screen?

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