Submission counter in Aggregate

I wander if we can add "Submission Counter" as a label in the page of aggregate to know the number of submission.

Thank you


This is the kind of feature that sounds easy, but ODK Aggregate on Google App Engine doesn't give us an easy way to count submissions. Maybe we can solve this feature request in another way. Why do you need to know how many submissions you have?

Thank you Yanokwa

And i am sorry for my late response.

In fact when i installed the odk aggregate i test it with your forms you share it on github for testing the aggregate (2000 forms in file)
I sent all that forms in less than 8 min.
When i checked the aggrgate i tried to know if all forms recived well so i added 1 additional form to make the total number of forms 2001 so i split the records in the aggregate by choosing 1000 form for each page in the aggregate submission list
So i get 3 pages (1000 , 1000, 1).

Thank you Yanokwa for your replay and it's a greate job what you did and your teammate in odk project.

Best regards

Nader Beshr

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