Submissions for sequential questions not visible

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Not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but i created a form that adds sequential questions if certain parameters are met. We;ve gone ahead and collected data with the said form , but i don't see the submissions. What could be the challenge?

Here are screenshots of the form. In my submissions we only see results up to question 6.

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It's not clear to me what you are asking.

  • Can you share the XLSForm file?
  • Is the issue when you are filling out the form? There may be an error in your survey logic (when defining the parameters).
  • Is the issue when viewing the submitted data on Central? That is, the submitted surveys are missing data from fields that were completed when filling out the form?
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Thank you for responding @danbjoseph. I'll introduce myself and update my profile.
The issue is that when viewing the submitted data on central, i can only see some fields, none of the fields that are sequential. The form works on ODK collect as expected.

The XLS is attached here in.
7. Boarding and Alighting Counts.xlsx (28.5 KB)

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When you say "viewing the submitted data on central" do you mean on the webpage itself? I just want to check that your columns aren't filtered. The default is to only show 10 of the data columns, even if the form is longer.

I can see 15 fields (See screenshot). My expectation was that i'd have multiple passenger boarding and passenger alighting columns based on how many times "the Next stop" set of questions has been added.

Welcome @Cakoth,
In general for repeats, the table view shows only the first case of them. You will see all in an extra repeat sheet when you download the data as XLS Excel. You can also see the data in the form when you "edit" in modal mode (for one row).


Apologies @Cakoth, I should've taken a closer look at your form. @wroos is right, you have used a repeat group which means you data will be split across 2 tables. For more info please see the "Tip" in the green info box in the section of the docs on Repeating questions:


Oh i see. Thank you for this @wroos and @danbjoseph! I see the results now.

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