Submissions rejected by Central with "Invalid input data type: expected '2l' to be (integer)"


One of my enumerators is facing some issue in form sending. The app was working fine earlier, but now displaying this issue:

It has a long queue of blocked msgs now:

The data sent by other phones is received on the server successfully.


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This device seem to have collected an non-integer input. It reports it to be '2l'. Find this response and make needed changes and all should work fine.


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I tried the same thing. However, there are no forms appearing in EDIT SAVED FORMS section. So I am not really sure how to edit the form which is causing issues, because I cannot see it.

So you see forms in SEND FINALIZED FORM section but not in EDIT SAVED FORMS?


Ah ok I've missed the fact that forms that users tried to submit but there were a problem should not be displayed in EDIT SAVED FORMS and this is an expected behavior.
It's difficult to tell what's wrong here exactly but you can share the form with me and give me access to your server (in private) so I can take a look at it when I'm free.

When you request support, please make sure you fill out the entire support template. It's especially important that you are very specific about what versions of tools you're using.

This looks to me like Central is trying to insert a value that is not an integer into an integer database column. Off the top of my head, the only database columns I can think of that are integers are autoincrementing keys. What version of Central are you running? Have you made any manual modifications at all either to the code or to the database tables? Is it still the case that only one data collector is having this issue? Did you modify something about the App User that this person is using?


  • Central version is 1.3.3
  • No manual modifications anywhere I did
  • The issue is with only one data collector, and even specific is that it is only one submission. He had been sending successful submissions from this phone before this error. He's now submitting successful submissions from another phone. All the enumerators are using one single QR code, so no one has any specific settings.
  • Collect version is 2022.1.1
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Thanks for those details! There isn't an obvious reason why Central is responding in this way, so we'd like to try to reproduce the problem. Would you be open to sending us the odk folder? To do that...

  1. Install Cx File Explorer from the Play Store. is the direct link.
  2. Navigate to Main Storage/Android/data/
  3. Long press on "files" folder, tap on ⋮, then tap Compress.
  4. Long press on "", , tap on ⋮, then tap on Share.
  5. Chose Gmail and it will create a new email with Send the email to