Suggesting a feature to show message avoid mistaken selection of 'ignore changes'

Please add in odk collect
When we select 'ignore changes' in a form, it would be useful if there is a prompt that warns the user before going to the home page. The prompt can have the following warning:

'Are you sure you want to discard all entered data and return to home page'

A couple of photos are also attached as examples

Please add in odk collect

It looks like you are using a very old version of ODK Collect. Now the dialog has save and discard icons next to the options. Please try that and let us know if there is still confusion.

Thanks for your reply
I am using ODK Collect V1.21.2
I want if I click ignore changes then show again new message
Are you sure you want to discard all entered data
but currently, ODK not asked
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Thanks for the clarification, @azam_iqbal. Can you please describe what problems you have run into that lead to this request? It sounds like you have data collectors who tap the back button on their devices and lose data by ignoring changes. Is that because they don't understand the options made available to them or because they try to tap "Save" and miss? Is exiting part way through filling out a form a common part of their workflow or is the back button tap also a mistake? Is losing data this way something that data collectors do over and over again or that they do once and then learn not to do?

Saw the link to this with the hide ignore changes post and thought I'd follow up with our experience from the equivalent issue in ODK-X. In early versions we had enumerators both plain old hit the wrong button as well as not understand what ignore changes meant; adding a little confirm message of "Are you sure you want to exit and lose all changes?" was super helpful and solved both problems. No more data loss!


Some additional details from the team:

We noticed that trying to save progress with the two options of “save changes” and “ignore changes,” “ignore changes” deletes ALL the data, regardless of whether the assessor is half way through and wants to only ignore some changes, etc. In short, the option is just deleting all the data.

In the interim we’ve told all our assessors to just not use the option and only mark “saved changes.” We understand if you cannot remedy this overall but wanted to ask if it was possible.

So it sounds like it may be a misunderstanding of the functionality of the options.

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