Suggestion: to add a tool where the user can check the points collected in a map, on the fly

I'm very glad to inform you that I have just completed my field mission in Ethiopia and the ODK Collect app was perfect for my task. I had to collect crop reference data in an irrigated area close to lake Tana. I collected 170 points in 4 days. For each point I have stored the geographic coordinates, the crop type, the irrigation method, the land cover class and all the information related to the current and past growing season. Of course the work was done completely offline and to geolocate the points I have uploaded some offline satellite images at high resolution.
So.. thanks a lot for this very useful app..we are going to use it also in Tunisia, Egypt and other countries of the North Africa and Near East region (NENA region).
I have just one comment / sggestion that could improve even more the use of the mobile app. At the moment is not possible to check the points collected during the field survey. I mean, the ODK Collect app allows the user to store a set of data for each point. However it doesn't allow to see on the fly on a map the points collected during the survey, before the form is saved and completed. This function could be extremely useful as it avoid to collect data for the same point. Consider that during the survey we travel a lot around fields and sometime it's hard to not get lost...a map with all the points collected would be very helpful..
I hope you will take into consideration this suggestion..
In any case, thanks and congratulations for your great work!!

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Hi @Michela_Marinelli

thanks a lot for your post it's really motivating!

Could you explain more the future you would like to have? For example, you have 10 geo questions so at the end of the survey you want to have another page/question with a map where you can see all collected points, is that right?


Yes exactly!
For example, during the survey I used to collect 40 points every day. It would be useful to have the possibility to check on a map the points that we are collecting to avoid to collect data for a place/point that we have already it more clear now? In addition the possibility to see the points collected could help in improving the spatial distribution of the data collected.. I mean, sometimes, without a map, it's not easy to see where we need to improve the data collection and where we don't need to collect more data....
I hope this clarifies..

I see, thanks.
You can create a topic here and copy that description.