Sum across loops within a repeat

Hi all,

I'm looking to calculate a sum of hours worked across multiple activities that are inside a repeat loop.

For example, there is a select_multiple question of activities someone may have participated. Say they choose three of the activities. A repeat will ask about the number of hours worked in each activity.

When I get to the second activity, I want to be able to sum the number of hours they indicated for the first activity with that they just entered for the second activity. I'll then ask the person to confirm that so far, they have mentioned working X (activity1 + activity2) number of hours.

Then when I get to activity 3, it would calculate a sum of the hours they have entered for the previous two activities and the current one. The confirmation question would then ask to confirm that they mentioned working X (activity1 + activity2+ activity3) number of hours.

Does this make sense? Is it possible to grab responses from previous loops while still within it?