Summation Formula

Hi guys,
I wanted your help with something. I have designed a form and when doing pretesting, I have realized one of the formulas is giving an output of "2" even when all the entries are zero.

I will attach the form here so that you can have a look at it. I have highlighted the line with the misbehaving formula "line 398."

Your assistance is highly appreciatedMothers_questionnaire.xlsx (42.8 KB)


Hi @TheuriKingori,

Your formula/calculations seems to be okay. Have you highlighted the correct place?, because row 398 is not . But you have issue here ${totalhhpurchaseann}div12 . Do you intend to divide? Then you should use appropriate symbol

Hi @dicksonsamwel,
Thank you for getting back.
The intention in ${totalpurchaseann}div12 was to divide the annual expenditures in order to get monthly expenditures.
However, while summing up the total annual expenditures "totalhhpurchaseann" the formula is working correctly but with a mysterious addition of "2."

My guess is that you are writing ${totalhhpurchaseann}div12 and you should write ${totalhhpurchaseann} div 12 (note the space before and after div).

Thank you @yanokwa for pointing that out, hadn't noted; let me amend that. However, I would like to point you to questions H57 through to H73. When summing up the entries from these questions, I am getting a mysterious "2". For instance, when the entries are 5000 for each question the final output is 80002. Note there was no 2 entered in any of the responses. Similarly, when I don't include anything in the responses and I just tick "no" for each, the summation on total annual "totalhhpurchaseann" gives me a "2".
Kindly assist.

Hi @TheuriKingori,

It is not mysterious, your formula have issues, you have used a yes no value instead of the value in hhpurchaseland . Checking yes, will assign that variable a '1'. Check your other variables.



Hi @dicksonsamwel,
Thank you so much. You sure have an eye for this things. I have been going through it countless times and I could not identify the problem.

Saved me big time.