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I need to use a secure server rather than the humanitarian response server

What do I need to do?

Hi @Raphael_McClure_Ado1, and welcome to the ODK forum!

Am I right in thinking that you're using KoBoToolbox? If so, note that KoBoToolbox has a help page, as well as a separate community forum. I recommend posting your question there!

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Please also note that you can self-host Central or Aggregate.


Dear Matthew,
I am very new. Thanks for the support. I am using ODK and not KoBo Toolbox

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Welcome to the community, @Raphael_McClure_Ado1! In that case, I will echo @LN's suggestion to self-host ODK Central or ODK Aggregate. The documentation that @LN linked to is a great place to learn more about both of those.

When you get a chance, I'd also encourage you to introduce yourself here. Doing so helps build community!

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