Survey CTO form upload error

Hi everyone,

I am trying to upload a form and have start experiencing errors which i'm unable to tell where its coming from in the relevance columns. it reads like this.

Error uploading form: The form definition could not be processed:
Error evaluating field 'Untitled_20180307151330': The problem was located in Relevant expression for /Untitled_20180307151330
cannot handle function 'elected'

Something broke the parser. See above for a hint.

Please help deal with it.

This is an example of some of the expressions in the form, Im not sure but could this be the problem?

not(selected(${QB.4.1},'2')) and selected(${QB.1},'1') or selected(${QB.2.1},'1') or selected(${QB.3.1},'1')
not(selected(${QB.4.2},'2')) and selected(${QB.1},'2') or selected(${QB.2.2},'1') or selected(${QB.3.2},'1')
not(selected(${QB.4.3},'2')) and selected(${QB.1},'3') or selected(${QB.2.3},'1') or selected(${QB.3.3},'1')
not(selected(${QB.4.4},'2')) and selected(${QB.1},'4') or selected(${QB.2.4},'1') or selected(${QB.3.4},'1')
not(selected(${QB.4.5},'2')) and selected(${QB.1},'5') or selected(${QB.2.5},'1') or selected(${QB.3.5},'1')
not(selected(${QB.4.6},'2')) and selected(${QB.1},'6') or selected(${QB.2.6},'1') or selected(${QB.3.6},'1')

Your bet for SurveyCTO questions is to ask the SurveyCTO team.

Thanks Yaw, will check up on the link.