Survey tools compatible with ODK collect

I wanted to know what are the 3rd party survey tools that can be used with ODK. Tools like KOBO and other online tools that ODK collect can sync with.

I apologize if this has been asked before/if this is not the place to post this question.
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Hi @sashichalla! If you are looking for servers that ODK Collect can submit data to, the popular ones are ODK Aggregate, Ona, Kobo, and ELMO.

Thank you Yaw Anokwa for the reply.
I was looking for servers yes. But the other thing I was also looking for was survey design tools that ODK might be compatible with like KOBO again to design forms with varied question types.

I believe Kobo only allows XLSForms. You can confirm by reviewing their help at has the common form design tools. ODK Build and XLSForm are the popular ones.

Kobo will allow you to design forms with most of the functionality supported by ODK Collect (but not all; eg you can't set the read-only flag on non-text questions). Kobo can export and import XLSForms, which you can then edit and tweak as a spreadsheet. It can also export (but not import) an XML XForm version of your form, which you can then deploy and use within the broader ODK tooling ecosystem, including editing them further using, say, ODK Build.

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