Survey Visual Flow Tool


Does anyone know of a survey design tool that could visually display the whole survey with its logical flow among questions and options? I am not looking for a designer tool like ODK BUILD, but some visual outlook tool like those logical diagrams we used to do in Microsoft Visio in university days, that could show which question is connected to next question through options and logics. I hope perhaps someone knows any simpler and to-the-point tool for that.


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Hello, Saad I am Ahmad from Nigeria I am also interested in such visual flow tool and I've no idea about it.
Please can you favour me to be my mentor in such field, am in need of your guidance. is my email address.

Hi Saad,

I use VUE to simply explain/show the logical of my forms.
It is very easy to use but not automated at all. And can be use for more complex systems (

Hi all,

After quite a lot of search, I have landed on tool (which is now Although it's a big suite of tools, still you can work online with it, and quickly draw logical/flow diagram with it.

@mathieubossaert, VUE is also an excellent tool. Many thanks!


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