Surveys for Census

I am working in a project that includes the establishment of a network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries to leverage available official data with local knowledge adding the collection of other data to support national statistics offices (NSOs). The strategy is meant to aid the dissemination of census data and at the same time will be complement of national statistics.

I would like to integratie to ODK use cases of census surveys from National Stats Offices to complement them with other data collected,

Any suggestions?

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Welcome to ODK, Javier! What you are describing is possible with ODK. What is preventing you from getting started? What specific suggestions are you looking for?

Thanks Yanokwa. I was thinking like , for instance, how could I transform a pdf file into an actual xls file. Or general advice like that. Rgs

I would start from and try to build an end to end campaign with a small form using ODK Build. Once you are comfortable there, you can try a form with XLSForm.